Tiles are suitable for different parts of the building according to their characteristics. Ceramics are very resistant to heat, chemical and mechanical and have high impact and impact resistance. These tiles are also very durable against stains and water absorption. Due to the fact that the tiles are resistant to permeability and slipping, they are also very suitable for bathroom and toilet tiles.

Hygiene: Tiled surfaces can be very effective in maintaining air quality. Tiles are produced in high-temperature furnaces, so no volatile chemical compounds (organic compounds) are found in them, which can lead to health problems in people. In addition to the compatibility of the tiles with the environmental health, it is easier to clean the surfaces covered with tiles because with a detergent and water, these surfaces can be easily cleaned of any bacteria and viruses and create a hygienic environment.

Removing grease that sits on the kitchen walls is very difficult Tiling the kitchen wall makes it easier to remove grease and allows the housewife to always keep the cooking environment clean.

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