Polyurethane mastic

Polyurethane mastic


RW Joint Flex PU is a cold-rolled polyurethane-based elastomeric sealant with excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces with different materials. This product, after application and drying, has a very desirable elasticity and is resistant to a variety of chemical solvents, including petroleum solvents. Complies with ASTM D5329 and ASTM D1190 standards.


Used for internal and external joints of the building
A suitable option for joints that are in constant contact with water
Seams between walls and ceiling
Prefabricated parts seams

Consumption benefits:

Extremely high adhesion to other surfaces with different materials
High resistance to atmospheric factors and conditions
High resistance to sunlight (ultraviolet)
Has significant erosion strength
Maintain flexibility in a wide temperature range
Suitable for sealing cold storage environments, power plants, treatment plants, docks, drinking water tanks
This product has no adverse effects on drinking water.

Consumption rate:

It can be calculated by calculating the total volume of joints and the specific weight of mastic.

Method of Use:

In order to use RW Joint Flex PU, before any action, the joint must be free of any contamination such as grease, dust, moisture, loose particles, etc. Then it is better to increase the adhesion of the seam wall surface to Apply a primer for the substructure and continue as follows to continue working:

In the two-component type, first mix the two components of the mastic thoroughly in proportion to the composition provided by the low-speed mixer, and after about 40 to 50 minutes, inject it with a spatula and a special pump in the desired location. In the one-component type, the mastic prepared in the tube is injected into the joint with a special pump (gun).

Note 1: Before installation, all tools and equipment should be completely clean and free of any contamination.

Note 2: Consume the prepared mastic for a maximum of 30 to 40 minutes.

Note 3: The use of gloves and goggles during construction is mandatory.

Note 4: Use detergent and spatula to polish the applied mastic surface.

technical specification:

Physical state: dough

Color: black / gray / cream / white

Specific weight: 2/1 gr / cm.

Service temperature: +80 to -50 ° C

Execution temperature: + 50 to -5 degrees Celsius

Drying time: 36 hours at 25 ° C

Water absorption: 0.01%

Length increase: at least 200%

Maintain elastic nature: 60%

Storage conditions and duration: Initial packaging away from cold, heat and moisture for 12 months.

Packing: 600 g tube package.

Safety Tips:

As with other chemicals, be careful when storing and using this product to avoid contact with the mouth, eyes, and food, and use gloves whenever possible.

Environmental Tips: Do not spill excess water or soil.

All products produced and supplied by this company are in accordance with international quality standards.

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