Special cement based grout

Special cement based grout


RW Super Grout is a ready-to-use grout based on minerals and polymers that is used in places that require high strength and high adhesion. This grout has good fluidity and mentality and is used in places that need high resistance. Complies with ASTM C827 and C878 standards.


Industrial flooring
Airport runways
Car park locations
Placement of belts and rebars
The base of the columns and generally in places where more resistance is needed.

Consumption benefits:

High tensile and flexural strength
High abrasion resistance
Strong link with infrastructure
High resistance to the effects of seawater
Repairs such as filling cavities and. . . . .

Consumption rate:

By calculating the cross-sectional volume of grout and considering the specific gravity of ready-made grout, the amount of consumption can be determined.

Method of Use:

Pour the product into a suitable container and add water to it until the required concentration is reached and mix thoroughly.

Pour the prepared mixture immediately at the desired location to make good use of the initial expansion resulting from the reaction at the site.


1- If the cavities are large, clean and dry stone materials can be used 2-7 mm with a weight ratio of one to one.

2- Remove the surface of the substrate from any grease, dust and contaminants, and if the surface has a shell or loose parts, remove them as well.

3- Sub-dry surfaces, if they are concrete or cement mortar, it is necessary to moisten these surfaces before mortar.

4- Grind polished or smooth surfaces in any way possible (pen and hammer, scratching, etc.).

5- Processing after final polishing is necessary to prevent rapid drying or freezing.

technical specification :

Physical state: Tusi powder

Specific weight: 75/1 gr / cm.

Free expansion: 2 to 5%

Sustainable expansion: 0 to 0.5%

Storage conditions and duration: in the original packaging away from moisture and cold for 12 months.

Packing: 25 kg bags.

Cleaning: Wash work equipment with water immediately after finishing work when the mortar is still fresh. The dried mortar can be removed mechanically.


Safety Tips:

As with other chemicals, be careful when storing and using this product to avoid contact with the mouth, eyes, and food. In case of possible contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Environmental Tips:

Do not spill excess water or soil.

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