Solvent based curing

Solvent based curing


In order to achieve high strength concrete and desirable quality, after the concreting operation, a suitable environment should be provided to achieve the maximum possible strength. When concreting in hot weather, certain issues arise, which are mainly due to the rapid evaporation of concrete water. Be. Rapid and intense evaporation of water reduces the efficiency and strength of concrete, shrinkage and surface cracks in it. Curing is a set of measures to complete and complete the hydration of cement in order to achieve the desired strength of concrete The most common method now used all over the world is to cover the concrete surface with a thin layer to prevent evaporation of concrete water, which if used properly, while having the properties of a good curing, will not have a negative effect on concrete. And after a month will gradually disappear due to atmospheric factors. This product is based on solvent resins and its performance is in accordance with ASTM C309-81 standard.


This material can be used in all large concretes such as water canals, courtyards and hall floors.

Consumption benefits:

It is ready to use and easy to implement.
Increase hardness and dust-free surface
Compared to the old methods, using curing saves money and manpower. With curing, there is no need to water the concrete.
There is no need to protect concrete with sacks, nylon, etc. It increases the durability and strength of concrete and prevents it from drying and cracking.

Consumption rate:

Each kilogram of curing covers 5 to 6 square meters of concrete surface and forms a shell with a thickness of 2 to 2 microns. This shell lasts for 2 to 4 weeks in normal weather conditions and then disappears.

Method of Use:

Apply the curing on the concrete surface with a brush or a pistol (10 to 30 minutes after polishing the fresh concrete surface). If the surface is not completely covered, stain it after half an hour.

Note: If the formwork is used for concreting, run the product on the surface after opening the formwork.

To make it easier to separate the curing layer from the vertical and facade surfaces, you should moisten the desired surface with water before spraying.

Technical Specifications:

Physical state: liquid

Brown color

Solubility: In organic solvents

Specific weight: 0.75 gr / cm.

Flammability: 80 ° C

Packaging: 20 gallons and 220 liter barrels

Conditions and shelf life: This solution is considered flammable and its storage can be done in air-conditioned environments in the original packaging and closed away from cold and heat for 12 months.

Safety Tips:

Safety tips must be observed carefully when working with this product. In such a way that there is complete ventilation in the environment. Avoid excessive heat and flame, and in case of contact with skin or respiratory mucosa, it is necessary to wash immediately with cold water and see a doctor immediately.


Environmental Tips:

Do not spill excess water or soil.

All products produced and supplied by this company are in accordance with international quality standards.

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