Hard industrial flooring

Hard industrial flooring


RW Hard Mortar is a ready-to-use product based on high hardness mineral aggregates and cement and a special type of superplasticizers and other additives, which only needs water to be applied and prepared.


Workshops, factories, parking lots, cold storages, warehouses, airports, or in general places that are exposed to the passage of forklifts and heavy machinery, which require high wear and pressure resistance, or in industries Traffic dust has an adverse effect on the quality of products and industries that use natural and chemical corrosives.

Consumption benefits:

High abrasion resistance to traffic loads
High compressive strength
High resistance to chemicals or corrosive solutions
Prevention of soil erosion and dust
Beauty and variety in color
Ease of implementation
Complies with ASTM D2697 standard.

Consumption rate:

About 44 kg of RW Hard Mortar is required for each square meter with a thickness of 2 cm, which varies depending on the amount of thickness applied.

Method of Use:

Dry and ready mortar RW Hard Mortar is mixed only with water and spread on concrete to a thickness of 1 to 2 cm. RW Hard Mortar can be applied on fresh concrete and dry concrete.


Proper application of industrial hard coatings requires skill.
The size of the execution thickness varies depending on the traffic load of the place.
Polishing (sanding the surface by the machine) is one of the important steps of execution.

technical specification:

Color: in a variety of mineral colors

Specific weight: 2/2 gr / cm.

Initial setting time: 1 to 3 hours

Final setting time: 7 to 10 hours

Grain dimensions: 0.075 to 5 mm

Compressive strength: 800 kg / cm

Flexural strength: 150 kg / cm to 200 kg / cm

Storage conditions and duration: in the original packaging away from cold, heat and moisture for 12 months.

Packing: in 25 kg bags.

Safety Tips:

As with other chemicals, be careful when storing and working with this product to avoid contact with the mouth, eyes and food, and in case of possible contact, immediately flush the area with plenty of water.

Environmental Tips:

Do not spill excess water or soil.

All products produced and supplied by this company are in accordance with international quality standards.

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