Hydrophilic water stop

Hydrophilic water stop


RW Aquaphil is a hydrophilic hydrophilic waterstop with reversible swelling capability for use in executive joints, which penetrates cracks and cavities by self-injection. According to DIN1048-5 standard, it can withstand water pressure up to 6 times.


It is used permanently or temporarily to seal executive joints exposed to ground or surface water and can withstand water pressure up to 7 times. It can also be used in areas where water changes.

Consumption benefits:

The swelling process is reversible.
It has a high ability to preserve the form.
It does not become sticky at high temperatures and during summer.
RW Aquaphil has a special type of rain cover in its special type. Therefore, its installation is not dependent on weather conditions and the protective layer prevents rapid swelling. However, this layer swells when it dissolves.
Compared to other methods of sealing joints, it is an economical and reliable system.
It is non-toxic and usable in drinking water.

Consumption rate:

The amount of RW Aquaphil used is determined by measuring the structural joints.

Method of Use:

RW Aquaphil را با متراژ مشخص توسط چسب بتن ويا چسب آكواريوم در وسط سرتاسر درز مورد نظر مي چسبانيم در مواقعي كه طول درز بيشتر از طول يك رول كامل مي باشد ميتوان قطعه ديگر را با همان چسب هائي كه در بالا به آنها اشاره شد، چسباند.

پس از كارگذاري كامل واتراستاپ ميتوان عمل بتن ريزي را آغاز نمود.

شكل زير نحوه عملكرد RW Aquaphil را در بتن نشان مي دهد:

technical specification:

Physical state: profile with rectangular and flexible cross section

blue color

Base: Based on synthetic rubber

Inflatability: more than 500%

Weight: 730 gr / m

Storage conditions: In the initial package and closed away from cold, heat and moisture for 12 months.

Packing: 10 cm rolls, boxes of 70 pieces.


Safety Tips:

It is completely safe and does not cause any harm.

Environmental Tips:

Due to the long storage, additional quantities can be saved for future projects.

All products produced and supplied by this company are in accordance with international quality standards.

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