PVC water stop

PVC water stop


This P.V.C tape is designed with the aim of sealing executive and expansion joints and is produced and supplied in different dimensions and shapes. Complies with ASTM D2240, ASTM D412 and ASTM D570 standards.


Construction of reservoirs, dams and tunnels
Construction of pins and canals
Sewage and water treatment plants
In general, preventing the passage of water in concrete cutting sites (executive and expansion joints)

Consumption benefits:

Easy to install
Its efficiency is equal to the life of concrete.
Resistant to alkaline reactions of concrete
High tensile strength
Extraordinary flexibility
Adequate engagement with concrete
Complete connection without leakage
Variety of sizes and shapes

Select type and size:

P.V.C waterstops are produced in two types of beds (E) and perforated (O), which are used for executive joints and concrete cutting and perforated type for expansion joints and joints.

Usually, the width of the waterstop should be equal to the thickness of the installation section, and depending on the pressure applied to the seams, the shape of the waterstop will be determined.

Installation Method:

Flat waterstops (E) should be used in the predicted locations of concrete cutting, half of the width of which will be in the old concrete and the other half in the new concrete.

Cavity (O) water stops in the predicted locations of expansion joints and June should be placed in such a way that the waterstop cavity after concreting the first and second sections is completely in the joint to have sufficient resistance during expansion and contraction of the structure Have the necessary tension and pressure.

To fix the waterstop in its places, use waterstop clamps and never drill them, because due to the change in stress at the hole, the waterstop will rupture. To be used.

technical specification:

Physical state: P.V.C (polyvinyl chloride) tapes


Specific weight: 1/3 kg / cm.

Tensile strength: N / mm² 15

Length increase: 400%

Hardness: Shore A70

Chemical resistance: Resistant to water and seawater, sewage and alkaline environments

Method and duration of storage: away from direct sunlight, heat, cold and humidity for 24 months.

Packing: in 25 meter rolls.

Safety Tips:

It is completely safe and does not cause any harm.

Environmental Tips:

Due to the long storage, additional quantities can be saved for future projects.

All products produced and supplied by this company are in accordance with international quality standards.

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