Polypropylene concrete fibers (polymer-synthetic)

Polypropylene concrete fibers (polymer-synthetic)


Plastic concrete fibers or macro-synthetic concrete fibers are used as reinforcement to increase strength, improve the mechanical properties and durability of concrete and control cracking in concrete structures and cement-based mortars.


Can be used in concrete steel deck roofs
Flooring of airports, military warehouses and power plants, etc.
Concreting the floors of industrial halls, concrete decks of bridges and …
Production of concrete with high impact and abrasion resistance
Construction of military and nuclear concrete structures and…
Tunnel lining and manufacturing of prefabricated parts

Consumption benefits:

Increase the impact and impact resistance of concrete
Reduction of fine cracks due to shrinkage at an early age and resulting from subsidence
Increase the strength of concrete against expansion and contraction cycles
Reduce permeability and increase durability

Consumption rate:

The average consumption of plastic fibers varies from 2 to 4 kg per cubic meter depending on the desired performance.

Method of Use:

Usually when mixing sand, gravel, cement and water in a mixer for 2 minutes and then gradually add plastic fibers to the concrete in the mixer and continue mixing.


By using a combination of concrete plastic fibers with pp concrete fibers, it is possible to strengthen and improve the properties of concrete.
It is possible to use a combination of plastic plastic fibers with concrete metal fibers to obtain higher strengths.

technical specification:

Storage conditions and duration: in the initial packaging away from cold, heat, humidity and direct sunlight for 24 months.
Packing: 5 kg bag and according to order.

Safety Tips:

This substance is not in the category of substances harmful to human health and the environment. In case of ingestion, consult a doctor immediately.
This substance is not flammable.

Environmental Tips:

Do not spill excess water or soil.

All products produced and supplied by this company are in accordance with international quality standards.

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