Ani Gir

Ani Gir


It is a cement-based, chloride-free product that reacts quickly and hardens instantly after the addition of water.


It is used to prevent water leakage and moisture, as well as to counteract the positive and negative water pressure in the surfaces of underground passages, cavities, tunnels, and all surfaces where water leakage is possible.

Consumption benefits:

High setting speed
It is ready for consumption and is mixed with a suitable amount of water.
High adhesion to a variety of materials, especially concrete, stone and brick
No toxic substances, no shrinkage and cracking
Ease of execution and the possibility of quick operation of the structure
No chloride and no turbidity in metal supplies
Prevent water leakage in the opposite direction of water entry
Applicability in contact with drinking water


Consumption will be calculated based on the sitting sections and taking into account the specific gravity of the instantaneous material.

Method of Use:

Leak prevention is done by applying RW Quick Plug by pressing it on the surface dry or combining it with water at the leak site. First, empty the U-shaped leak with a depth of 5 cm and then apply the RW Quick Plug in the relevant hole or seam with pressure.

technical specification:

Physical state: powdery

Color: gray

Base: Cement

Specific weight: 1/6 gr / cm.

Storage conditions: In the initial package and closed away from cold, heat and moisture for 12 months.

Packing: in 5 and 10 kg bags.

Safety Tips:

Safety gloves are required when working with the RW Quick Plug.

As with other chemicals, be careful when storing and working with this product to avoid contact with the mouth, eyes and food, and in case of possible contact, immediately flush the area with plenty of water.

Environmental Tips:

Do not spill excess water or soil.

Quality confirmation:

All products produced and supplied by this company are in accordance with international quality standards.

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