Microsilica products

Today, concrete is recognized as one of the most widely used building materials in the world. Microsilica and its products are currently known as one of the best mineral additives in concrete. Micro-silica is mainly used to improve the properties of hardened concrete. Although various experiments have been performed on this subject, but this article intends to investigate the effect of other silica products on the properties of hardened concrete, including compressive strength, permeability and freezing of hardened concrete. In this regard, three mixing ratios have been tested in the laboratory: the first ratio without additives and with a grade of 350 kg per cubic meter of cement, the second mixing ratio with 10% microsilica powder and 1% superplasticizer and the third mixing ratio with 10% Microgel. Based on the laboratory work performed in this study and the sum of the hardened results, it can be stated that the use of microsilica powder and gel increased the amount of compressive strength by 37.5% and 56%, respectively. Compared to the first ratio, the rate of water infiltration has increased by 50% in the second ratio and decreased by 25% in the third ratio. The results show that the long-term effects of microsilica gel on the quality of hardened concrete are desirable, including its durability. Microsilica powder, on the other hand, had an adverse effect on the permeability and freezing of concrete.

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